Blue Week 2014

Blue Week in 2014 was organized as a series of events in three countries, celebrating the international Danube Day on June 29th, in partnership with Tourism organization of Belgrade, Association Cyclomaniacs from Drobeta Turnu Severin, Danube wineries, Focal Point Destination Danube and Municipality of Ruse.

Blue & Wine Expo in Ruse (Bulgaria) gave the opportunity to selected wine producers from the Danube region to increase visibility on the local and regional level and for networking and business creation. It was the place where public could meet, taste and explore wines from the Region.

Bike Fest attracted cyclists from Romania and neighboring countries as well as cyclotourists in transit on Eurovelo 6 to celebrate the Danube. The cross-border nature of the Bike Fest contributes efficiently to promotion of the Iron Gate area and active experience of the Danube as the event was organized in Kladovo and Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

Due to massive floods in Serbia, Belgrade part of the festival – Boat Carnival event – had to be cancelled. Small event promoting eco kayak tours to Great War Island was organized instead.