Blue Week 2015

In 2015 Blue Week festival consisted of three different events:

  • Blue & Wine Expo – organized in Bulgarian city of Ruse where wineries from 12 different regions presented their “wines from the Danube region”; followed by some side-events such as cleaning the Danube quai and Roman market at Sexaginta prista
  • Blue Rowing that took place at Zemunski kej in Belgrade, Serbia; free kayak tours to the Great War Island were main part of the program while on the quai there was the Danube Fair where tourism organisations connected with Danube presented their offer, the youngest had a chance to have fun through several different workshops while their parents could rest in Danube lounge listening to local star DJ
  • Bike Fest as a joint event in Serbian Kladovo and Romanian Drobeta-Turnu Severin promoting the brand new cycling route named after the festival “Blue Week route”