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Kids program supervisor
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SUPERNATURAL is one of the leading environmental movements in Serbia. Member of United Nations Global Compact, Slow food, partner of WWF, Friends of the Earth, DC Environmental Network, Europarc federation, Ministry of environment Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade, and other renowned institutions. Our core values are environment, education and culture. We believe that combining these three values we will achieve true sustainability. Their vision is a creation of a community that deeply understands and feels the environment, which will lead to a society and lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth. The team consists of people from various backgrounds and international experience. Environmentalists, biologists, scientists, business managers, architects, film makers, event producers, sports professionals…

Their activities include:

Supernatural festival – Supernatural festival celebrates Mother Earth day and is a fusion of all of our activities. It is an event that gathers variety of international and domestic environmental organizations, authentic and organic food producers, a place where you can have fun listening to good music but also achieve quality education. Supernatural festival promotes a lifestyle of love and harmony with Mother Earth.

Supernatural FM – a national frequency radio program, where we host domestic and international environmentalists, and all people who can share the love and knowledge of environment with wide audience.

Supernatural Film – Our experienced and internationally awarded film crew, has produced 12 films on environmental protection featuring international and domestic experts on sustainable development. All the films have been aired on national frequency TV.

Education – organization of lectures, seminars, debates and workshops with world and domestic experts on topics such as biodiversity, green architecture, waste management, clean energy, organic agriculture..

Art and architecture – design of public spaces and parks, sustainable public art installations Green Community- is supernatural network of authentic food products and villages, destinations in nature, environmental institutions, green projects and initiatives that is wants to upgrade and promote.

Eco tourism – Promoting sustainable tourism, we provide people with unique experience in nature. Authentic and traditional food and drink, trekking, adventure sport.

Green Biz – From strategy to implementation we work with companies do develop environmentally responsible business.

Think Tank – We are a team of people from various backgrounds; management, biology, architecture, film and event production, science, law, that share the love and respect for the environment and a vision of society in harmony with nature…

During Blue Week, Supernatural will supervise all the activities for the youngest that are part of Blue Rowing in Belgrade